Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Memory Lane

I was typing my assignments earlier, while listening to songs.

And I suddenly realized that, these songs conjured up images, from my memories.

They made me feel good. Much like I did during those scenarios that I remember.

Here’s are my favourites.

1) Ayumi Hamasaki’s “Two Of Us”
One of my brother’s most listened to songs in the year 2002. He listened to it so much that my sister’s ex could actually sing along to it. *chuckles* but the most vivid memory I have when listening to this song was of my sister Salha, Paya and myself cooking dinner (It was Nasi Goreng) for all of us. That time we all lived together in Puncak Damansara and I remember that it was such a happy day. Those were halcyon days. No worries, all play. I picked my brother Hadibi up from work, so we could al eat together. Happy days.

2) The song from Samurai X “It’s Gonna Rain”
Again, the scene was in house number A109 in Puncak Damansara. This is our official cleaning song! *chuckles* I have no idea why, but it somehow made cleaning up the house more enjoyable. It was kind of like a signal too. Whenever anyone heard this song blasted on the radio, they’d automatically come out of their rooms to see if cleaning was actually going on outside.

3) Mariah Carey’s “Whenever You Call”
I’ve said this a thousand times and it will still hold true if I’ve said it the millionth time : This is mine and Badik’s official song.

4) Anuar Zain’s “Keabadian Cinta”
This became sort of an anthem for my siblings and I during the year it came out, which was 2001 I think. We loved it so much that it came to a point that whenever we would sing any song and reached the end, we’d ALWAYS end it with the part where Anuar Zain hit the high notes. *chuckles* Bloody good.

5) The Corrs’ “Runaway”
Ah. This was one song that I played during my high school days. Probably too much. *chuckles* But Hadibi, Ho and I had our “almost famous” moment when we recorded it for a company that was supposed to air it online (do you “air” something online?) for a competition. It fell through, but they gave us a copy of the recording. Think you can see it on youtube.com since Ho uploaded it there. Look for “peachy lemons”. Don’t ask.

6) The movie Quest For Camelot’s “The Prayer”
One of my and Hadibi’s favorite songs to sing. It’s a little taxing, and need a lot of practice, but it’s bloody satisfying! We have karaoke sessions with ONLY this song! *chuckles*

They say you can remember things when you associate them with things. That THAT is how you can improve your memory. *sigh* If only I could remember to do that when I’m in class.

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