Friday, April 21, 2006

*chant* I love assignments I love assignments...

Oh man.

You'd think by now I'd know not to leave assignments to the last minute. But what can I say? A girl's gotta have priorities.

I just forfeited my sleep last night to complete my 2 assignments, which as it turns out I don't even have to hand in until Monday. *rolls eyes*

Go figure.

But, it's done, handed in, and I now feel a lot lighter. =D

Now all that's looming over me are exams. 0_0

I really hope I look good with panda eyes, at the rate I'm going.


Twyla said...

*sobs* intensive crash course + intensive crash simultaneous assignments = no sleep, no food, no patience, no brain, no smile, no going out and above all no cute guys because i look like shit 24/7

Cherane said...

I (sometimes) love assignments. But now i (sometimes really)(*&^%$)them! Oh well, at least there are happy times ahead...

Good Luck on your exam papers! ^_^