Monday, March 06, 2006

The (Not So) Good (Looking) Ol' Days

While we were chilling in the living room of Rini's and Ita's house last night, we saw a stack of albums under the coffee table.

We got excited.

And had fun.


We had a barrel of laughs over our fashion sense and hairdo's during those "wonder years". Amazing.

Rini and I Were practically rolling on the floor laughing at the get-ups and poses of ours. In some, we didn't even notice how we looked until the other got an odd look on her face and started laughing and pointing.

We were diabolically planning to post those pictures on Friendster and see what kind of reaction certain people would get out of seeing their scraggly haired, dopey-smiling faces for everyone to see. But decided against it (at least for now). And only becuase we were too lazy to find a scanner and so on and so forth.

But I guess in a sense we had so much fun looking at them cause in the pictures, we could see that we actually were having fun at that time. Looking at them reminded us of our more idiotically innocent adventures. Ah, the joy of adolesence (I REFUSE to admit that I should be over that stage...).

So go on. Rummage through your attic (or boxes, or basements, or storerooms...) for those pictures. You'll have fun, laugh like hell, maybe even shed a tear or two, but I assure you that it'll improve your day.


hteekay said...

i rarely take pics when I was young (i am still btw)..

Haizum said...

WAHAHAHAHA. PErasan la you. Then you take lots of pictures now, and keep them for the future. 10 years down the line, take em out, and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Acom!

how's kl? how's college life? missing ya man! hope to see u soon when i get back.. i cant wait for semester break.. hua hua hua..


my love to bibing okay~

Cherane said...

:) I brought pictures of the good ol days over here in shah alam. made me do two things; (1) laugh (2) miss you guys a hell of a lot.