Thursday, December 29, 2005

What's In A Name

A fun and light entry for today.

I was just reading Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl again, and the mention of elves made me think of the cool names they have in The Lord Of The Rings. And THAT prompted me to search out these name generator's that are everywhere in the net, apparently. So here is MY list of names.

My REAL name : Haizum Hassan Alban

My ELVISH name : Eldanár Telemnar

My HOBBIT name : Mimosa Sandybanks of Frogmorton

My NATIVE AMERICAN name : Joan Chanting Arachnid (Okay this is weird, since EVERYONE knows that I'm scared of spiders!)

My EVIL name : Goldcaster The Magician (Oh I just looove the colour gold, don't you?)

My EXOTIC STAGE name : The Sherry Shimmers

My GOTHIC name : Velvet Dreams

My HIPHOP name : Queen Baby Mack of the underground (HAHAHAHA)

My JEDI name : HASHA DESAN of Ascorbic

My SILLY name : Cheeseball Wafflechunks

My VIKING name : Hrosskell the Vile

My PIRATE name : Calico Mary Cash

My FAIRY name : Yarrow Goblinfrost

My NINJA BURGER name : Takeshi Nishimura -san (Kawaii des ne?)

My SLUSHY VALENTINE'S DAY name : Ears (What?)

My SMURF name : Bambi Smurf (Egads!)

Personaly, I like my Elvish name best, though I have to say the ninja-burger and evil names are a close second and third. *chuckles* Major fun. =D

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Anonymous said...

i heart reading artemis fowl too!