Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tune In, TURN ON

Okay. My last week in KK was a dance fiesta! I went clubbing 4 times in that 1 week! Talk about dance fever!

Speaking of dancing, I want to share something that guys might find useful, when their looking to get some chick attention. I'm sure the girls will agree with me.

Guys who can dance are a major turn on.


It doesn't matter is he isn't very tall. As long as he can groove and move...*sigh*

While we're on the subject of major turn ons, here are some more common one's that guys should take note of:

- Almost ALL girls like Sushi. (I said almost! You have to make sure whether she does or not first!) Sushi King is your best bet.

- All girls like chocolates. (Even if they're allergic to them, they'd still admit that they love em!)

- Appearance is key. Whatever look you're going for, make sure it's the best.

- Talk properly. Do not put on airs. It only makes you look like an idiot.

- And most importantly, PAY ATTENTION. What she likes, what she doesn't, what mood she's in. The most observant on guys, takes the cake. =Þ

@Nessa : Here's you're update! *chuckles* I was just working on it when you send that comment! *muax* Love you!


hteekay said...

you left one thing important, make sure you have lots and lots of money. Because courting use lots lots of moola!!!

Anonymous said...

true that! true that!
i just wish guys would pay attention to what girls are saying.

Anonymous said...

no need to have lots of moolah! if the guy hebat, can even get the girl to splurge the moolah for him. keh keh keh. tapi misti mau "hebat" la.. if not.. whoops!

he he he

Twyla said...

eesh i can't stand "hebat" guys...or in other words guys who think they are so "hebat" until the girl has to spend the moolah. whatever happened to good ol` fashioned courting?

but w/e :D guys are the last thing on my mind right now. THE CONCERT IS TOMORROW!!!!!! My stomach is suffering from constant gastric attacks. Its not the lack of food. Its the nerves.

Anonymous said...

personally, i feel u have a point there... but past experiences point out the fact that it is not enough for a guy to JUST be a good listener, dance n move good...
I've friends who're all of the above, even acknowledged by ladies as sweet, nice, understanding n all the supposed qualities aspired by girls, yet this so called 'turn on' doesn't happen...
so, i've come to the conclusion that it all boils down to attraction... u can be perasan, dumb n an ass but if there's attraction, anything is a turn on... what do u girls think?

Twyla said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Twyla said...

I think I'm stupid & am attracted to guys who think they're hebat and make me spend my money on them.
nao merda..

*shakes head*


hteekay said...

twyla : can we be friends? XD

Twyla said...


not if you think you're too hebat for your own good.

*yawns* acom! you need to update lah dearie

Haizum said...

*laughs* Sorry, no updaates! But I've been busy, packing things, moving and all, and I'm only halfway. I AM in KL already, but next month I'm moving yet again, to my own place. So bear with me people *muaxmuax* (That means YOU Nessa =Þ)

@Anonymous : Yeah, I do agree with you. I ersonally have NOT met any guy that has all of the above. Some, yes, but not all. But it doesn't hurt to hope. *chuckles*

@Whoever deleted his/her comment : Awww, come on! Be a sport! =D