Friday, October 07, 2005

Old Friends

As I go around my daily occurrences in excitement these days, as I wait for my formal education to continue, I find myself thinking of all my friends who are in KL. Makes me more excited. Cause during the times of the first few semesters where time was abundant and assignments were few, we could hang out whenever we want. The three in particular were Evangeline, Daphne and Izatul. *hugs* I miss them.

I'm looking forward to seeing them again, and everyone else! I find myself planning what to do, and imagining us as a huge bunch lugging around some mall or other, everyone speaking, laughing, arguing at the same time. *chuckles* Checking out cute guys, cooing over some pretty dress, griping about our universities or colleges, panicking over overdue assignments, excitement about going back home for the holidays. *chuckles* You know, the same stuff we used to do back in the day.

It's really only been a couple of years, but I feel as if it's been more. I feel as if I've missed out on a lot. Not in this past year, but the year before, while I was still in KL. That last year I was there, I made some bad choices, I'll admit, but then again it's made me appreciate the people around me more. ^_^ That's not to excuse myself of what I've done. Maybe more a reminder to myself, thanan explanation to the rest of you. *sigh*

Water under the bridge.

Now I'm equipped with new shades to view the world with, and a sense of adventure (This is always around!), so I'm trying to keep my butt on my seat, so to speak. 2 months. That's all I have to wait out. Then, a new beginning-agains! Taking things where we left them off! But we can't really do that, so everything starts afresh! Old themes given new perspectives!

Yes. I'm looking forward to it.


Twyla said...

interesting choice of topic. picking up where you left off has never proved to be more difficult and starting afresh it seems has greeted me with dread & anxiety instead of excitement. maybe its just me, but the three months that will follow before I begin college almost feels like a safety net.
Too suffocating & yet too comfortable.
how then can I start?
its good to know that at least you are brave enough to grab the next step with as much enthusiasm as ... something thats v. enthusiastic.
maybe i should take a leaf from your book and see where it'll take me this time - if i agree to go anywhere.

Haizum said...

*laughs* I can't help being enthusiastic Nessa. Just how I've always been. I admit it IS frightening to start over again. But I keep in my mind that while starting over, I won't be alone. I'll have you guys to go to if somehow a wrinkle comes up. =) *hugs*