Monday, October 10, 2005

And So It Was...

I think pretty much everyone knows what I've been doing this past year, while I'm in Sandakan. I experimented with my own home, converted it into a modest bed and breakfast, and made it my playground. a place to test my wings, so to speak.

Since everyone now knows of my decision to go back to studying, some might be wondering: what's gonna happen to the business? Well, let's ust say I sure as heck am not gonna be managing it anymore. Not that I don't feel an attachment to it, I do. It was my home, and it was what put food on my table while I was here. But since I'm going to be away for at LEAST 3 years, pursuing my degree, I intend to give my all in my studies (Some of that "all" will also be directed to having fun with my friends, Sushi King and MPH =D). When all is done, hopefully, I can open a bigger, better one. Who knows? I might one day own a real hotel. =D

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