Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Search Is On

All this talk about going back to KL to study is getting me excited. It'd be a lot of fun I think to be near my brother Hadibi again. He's always fun to take shopping with. =D That, and SUSHI KING! Oh my God. There's a family owned Japanese restaurant here in Sandakan, but it's not as god, maybe cause it's kinda hard to get the ingredients here. (Here I would like to mention again, that ou can't even find a decent bookstore here, let alone quality imported food products.) And in KK, they have Wagamama and Edo Ishi (I think that's what the Japanese restaurant is called in Lintas), but pale in comparison to the might Sushi King *sounds of war drums heard*. And the cinemas! Oh man. I remember when I used to watch a couple of movies each month. Took it for granted. Now I'll be happy to even set foot in a cinema! *chuckles* and the best yet, is my beloved MPH. *sigh* I know all this shouldn't be a measuring tool to pick a place to stusy in, but you gotta have access to things that keep you sane. *chuckles* Okay, I'll admit, studying in KL before almost drove me crazy, but then I'd like to think it was cause I had other things going on at the time. Actually for the first year, I loved it! Then came the 2nd year. Let's just say it was bad decision making on my part.

That said, I am checking out all the institutions I mentioned in my previous entry. I'm waiting to get all the information I can about them, and weigh them against each other. actually, I should say, it's now a toss between UMS and Binary University College. =Þ

I'm all anxious and excited about going back to being a student. It's been more than a year since I was one. It's giving me a rush. *chuckles* Feels kinda good. I'm hoping I can stretch that feeling through the 3 or so years it'll take me to graduate again. As a friend once said, I want to get that square hat. I will get my mortar board! And flip that littletassele over to the other side when I get my scroll! =D Kinda exciting. and my graduation picture with the whole family! Oh yeah! Wouldn't that be nice? =D But then my brother Hasanal has to control his facial muscles, as he always gets the urge to contort his face into various expressions whenever we're taking pictures. HAH! Better practice Bon. you've got about 3 years. =Þ

Today, I am again going to the library. Apparently my niece, Pinky, has taken a liking to it (although I think it has more to do with other high school kids (read: high school BOYS) hanging out there rather than the books) and has decided she wants me to tutor her there. I don't mind. I'll be there to keep an eye on her, should she feel tickled to excercise her feminine wiles, and at the same time have tons of books at my disposal.

Oh, I'm all excited again! I just got a reply from the Binary University College. Course breakdown, cost, accommodations. Oh man. I'm so excited. Now I have to wait for UMS to reply. You know, I've sent like four inquiries, since July, and one just a few days ago, and they still haven't replied me. *sigh* Good thing my parents are in KK so they can get me a prospectus. We'll see how it goes. Right now this is what I have.

The Good
1) Closer to home.
2) My sister is also there, getting her Masters, so it's easier for me to lug to the uni with her.
3) My cousins, Al, Shelma and Sam have a house somewhere near there (This is also where my sister is staying.)
4) I'm comfortable in KK.
5) It's a local university so the fees must be cheaper!
The Bad
1) No decent bookstore. (Eaton's and Popular are a notch below "decent")
2) No Sushi King.
3) Most of my friends aren't in KK anyhow. So I might as well make new friends somewhere else!

The Good
3) My brother Hadibi is about half an hour away!
4) A chance to make new friends. (as I have said!)
5) The programme probably has a shorter duration than UMS.
The Bad
1) I have to chuck out extra moola for my own place there. They offer accomodation from RM150 to RM500.
2) I can't take a bus home if ever I'm homesick!
3) It's a private college so the fees must be a little higher than usual

So which way to go? We shall have to see. Allah guide me to the right one! And suggestions from any of you will, of course, be most welcome!


Cherane said...

Borders....Kinokuniya....MPH....Payless Bookstore....and the one in CM....

hteekay said...

Hmmm... I suggest to go with whatever your heart feels like.. If you think that you'll be happier studying at KL, then go ahead la.. don't think too much about the cost (unless its really really expensive).

As I always think, when you're happy with what you're doing, You'll give it your 110%!!

Haizum said...

Right you are Ho! But we shall see. I have to wait til the prospectus from Binary comes in. They're posting it and it'll be here in a few days I think. And then compare it to the UMS prospectus that Ummi will be bringing with her when she gets back from KK. Wish me luck!