Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Jumble Of Thoughts

Today's entry will be just that. A jumble of everything. I'm too lazy to be thinking of one particular topic in depth. Quips and anecdotes are on the menu today.

Alright. I was just doing a little shopping with my parents and my brother Bon (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT BING?!). He was looking for birthday presents. *sigh* Tomorrow they'll be going to KK, apparently Ummi and Bapa have to attend a function and he's tagging along. Darn. To be free. *chuckles*

Anyway, I'm thinking today I might get a little more personal. I'm pretty sure, when I blog about this, some will know what it's about and the others will probably be thinking "What the hell is she talking about?" or "I couldn't care less". But here goes.

Okay. I am in somewhat of a dilemma. I'm afraid that I'm harboring feelings for this one particular person. Again. It's a scary thing cause I know for sure that it's gone bring about some serious problems if I ever act out on these feelings. But then again I'm not even sure of what I'm feeling. Probably just a passing fancy. But then these fancies have been passing through my life off and on for about 10 years now. Pathetic, I know, but what to do. I could choose to suppress them, as I have done a few times in the past. But I'm not the kind of person to. *sigh* Oh, the dilemmas of being a woman. *chuckles* Geez. Just in case any of you are itching to know who I'm talking about, let me just say now, that I won't tell you. If you were a person I'd tell, you'd know who I'm talking about already, cause chances are I've already told you before!

Okay, enough of all that nonsense. I'm here, again in the cyber cafe. I've decided to come here at least once a week so I can update everything I'm supposed to. It's kinda cool. But you have the occasional teenager screaming profanity and bloody murder at his friend, who happens to be sitting just next to him. The music they play here is kinda cool. Mostly '90s pop songs. *chuckles* Reminds me of my childhood, cause these were the songs that my sister, Nurul, had blaring out of her radio when we were still in the house in Jalan Menteri. NKOTB is playing right now. *laughs* Oh man, I can remember her and Kak Jules being in their teenage prime. And now they're married and I'm sure well on the way of having their own kids. What a life.

I'm missing my friends a lot. Chica, the most recent I've met, is the one I miss because of her being equally as crazy as I am. Rini, for being the cool cat, makes me want to rattle her sometimes. *chuckles*. Farrah, for being so laid back and girly, that I am sometimes tempted to act uncharacteristically meek. Ita, for always always being the proverbial butt to my jokes. *chuckles* Kidding Ta, I miss you cause I haven't been spending too much time with you lately. Neyna, whom I haven't seen for at least 2 years, for being so blur and sometimes rubbing off on me so much that I surprise everyone else by myself being blur. *laughs* Man, I miss you guys. None of them visit my place here though. Which kinda saddens me. I'll message them right away and threaten to get them here, or else. *chuckles*

I miss the times I spent in KL with the ones who stayed at Apartment A109 Puncak Damansara. *chuckles* Particularly my brother Hadibi and his nutso friend Ho, who is incidentally a very loyal visitor here at my place. We used to go around trying to find the best places to eat. And to watch every new movie that came out with enthusiasm. But sometimes, when we were short of funds (Which was actually most of the time! *chuckles*) we'd just schlump at home and watch tv, or play videogames. (I am console-ly challenged, so I just watched while they played.) And I'd cook. =D I love cooking for 'em cause they'd light up when they hear that they're gonna have a home cooked meal that particular night. *chuckles* The stress of everyday lives were balanced by these kinda things, and I was glad to have them around. Jokers they are. *muax* Love you guys always.

Now let's talk about my neighbours. They're overtly friendly. They come right up to me and don't hesitate putting their bodies on me and sucking me dry. Yes, folks. I am talking about the mosquitoes. Unfortunately, our house here in Sandakan is right next to marshlands. The Mosquito Harlem. Geez. You can't laze around outside (Or anywhere around the hosue for that matter) without getting one of the bloodsuckers trying to get fresh with you. Argh. I'm a firm believer that God created everything for a purpose, but for the life of me I can't think of one rason why the mosquito exists. It's irritating. Then again that might be it. They were put here to try the human patience. I'm sure many a person has succumbed to the trial of having to swat a mosquito and turned into a real life Incredible Hulk out of sheer anger and frustration. *chuckles*

Itches aside, I've come upon a lot of really nice and inspirational quotes these past few weeks. I've written them down on various notebooks of mine. I'd usually be jotting them down in my Buku Jiwang, but as of yet, Badik hasn't given me back mine. *chuckles* (Hint hint Badik!)

I'd go on and on and on, but again, I'm too lazy. That does it. Today is officially lazy day. So take a day off people. When anyone asks why, tell them Acom said so. =Þ

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hteekay said...

AAaaww... u mentioned me... as a nutso non the less! >=[
hope you can figure out the feeling that you are having with this 'particular' person. And yeah take a break. You deserve it.. ;)