Monday, September 26, 2005

A Beautiful Cloud, A Family Gathering, and Tarzan

As I was on my way back home from work, and I was in the car, chatting with my dear Abang Jamil, my brother-in-law, and Kak Tims, I looked out the window and saw the most beautiful thing I'd seen that day. I wish I had a digital camera to capture it, so I could show it to you people here, but alas, I don't. It was too beautiful to describe. The sun shining from behind a curtain of cloud. *sigh*Actually, I've seen a lot of interesting things that make me wish for a camera. I'm thinking if I had one of those, I could rave about more things around here than I do now.

Anyhow, this past week, we've been going to my Aunt's house a lot, because my Uncle, Pak Wang, passed away almost a week ago. So as tradition may have it, for a week, people will be visiting with them, every night. Tonight will be the 5th night. It's interesting, even with the death of a loved one, that families can still come together and find things to be happy about. Things like this either make or break a family, and I'm happy to say that mine stays together. Members of the family I haven't seen in such a long time, I met up with again. Some I don't even recognise anymore. But it's a wonderful thing. My Aunt (My father's older sister, we call her Nak Iyang) is an extraordinary woman! You can ask her anything about the history of the Sungai tribe (Local ethnic here in Sandakan) and she'll weave you a wonderful story, legends of warriors and all. It's amazing. And here is another thing that makes me wish I had a camera! She took out an olld belt buckle, worn by warriors of old and their ladies. The men's made of bronze with one huge purple gem in the middle. The women's is gold with a pearl in the middle, and surrounding that are diamonds and various other precious stones that I have no idea what their names are. It's more than 100 years old, close to 200. and she told me to wear it! Woohoo! I can't tell you the feeling. Having something so old and steeped in history in your hands. She said I should wear it to my wedding. *wink* When I get my camera (hopefully I get to save enough for one), I'll take a picture of it and you can all see it.

Speaking of passings, another beautiful soul has passed on, this one from my mother's side of the family, my Ummi's cousin, whom we affectionately call Ummi Monera. Earlier today she passed on. I'm glad to have known her and proud to have one such as her to call family. May her soul be at peace. Allah be with her and hers.

Let's turn to brighter things shall we? Maybe some of you might be wondering why I decided to choose tea as my place's name. I have my darling Piyush to credit for it. I love you always Pi. Anyhow, the reason for this is, tea is my favourite drink. Not only because I like the taste, but it has helped me go through rough times. I brew it whenever I need to calm down and contemplate. Sometimes brewing it, having the aroma waft around me, helps so much that I don't even need to drink it. *chuckles* Anyway, as this place is where I usually spill my thoughts and emotions, and as I usually contemplate them "in between sips of tea", there you go. =) So there you go folks. You can also take this as a tip for you, if even you should to get me presents *ahem*. (Harrod's special line of Flavoured Tea, is a good bet!)

If you're thinking of going to Piyush's page there, which I've added to my list of friends, it's not up yet. My dear Piyush has given me the address (and yes I told him to make sure it was the right one twice) but as yet, it's not working. Pi, do something about that will you? I can't wait to welcome you to the neighbourhood. Are you putting together a housewarming? =) Please do. I'll stay for a whole week! *muax*

Last night, my brother Hasanal and I were watching this new TV series on TV3, Tarzan and Jane. *chuckles* It was somehow funny. But the guy had good locks, full and unfempt. *sigh* Sexy. Bing, you should watch out for it. Sundays, 9pm. Just to see his hair. Anyhow, we had a good time commenting on the various facets of the show. We have decided that the two of us are bored during the nights. Not many good tv shows going on nowadays. Do you remember back in the '90s, the shows that aired at night were so much fun. We had SeaQuest, Quantum Leap, The Adventures of Lois and Clark. *chuckles* I'm sure if we were to watch them again now, they wouldn't hold as much appeal, but it did, back then. Why don't the shows now inspire those kind of reactions in me now? Have we lost our creativity? Are we stuck somewhere? Whatever it is, I think it's a problem. In my state, I'm afraid I'll be so bored that I'll resort to watching Gerak Khas. *cringe*

I'm on the net now, searching for local university or colleges that offer an Entrepreneurship Programme. So far I've come up with UMS and Binary College. If anyone knows of anymore, please let me know okay? Much appreciated. (If anyone is wodnering, yes, this is what I plan to do when I further my studies, hopefully before the middle of next year.)



Cherane said...

Bubble tea.
I miss Yo-Yo ice.

Sabah Tea + Coffemate + cookies = Hap-tea-ness!

:( ran out of Sabah Tea though a few weeks back. And its RM25 per box here.

XD Please send some....hehehe

Cherane said...

Everyone is mad at me. I have TV but I don't watch it. Muahaha!

TV is not interesting now because we spend so much time watching it when we were younger. Nothing more to offer I guess. No more magic in it?

Naaaahhh~! Blame the producer for making unappetizing programme!Hehehe... At least there's Desperate Housewife and animes.

Oh...lookit the time.

hteekay said...

I wish I have a digicamera too... but 1st i have to own a computer.. sigh~~~

oh well, if all things goes according to my plan, I'll be getting a computer next year and hopefully a digicamera!!! =]