Sunday, June 26, 2005

Of Cooking and Life

I just thought of something.

The way I feel about cooking as the same way I feel about life.

Cooking is something I can immerse myself fully into. An experience where I can overload my senses (Including my sense of humour! With me in the kitchen, you'll never know what'll happen~). Aromas, textures and tastes. Not to mention the cool battle scars I get (Which I usually show to friends and explain, quite animatedly if I say so myself, with sound effects and all, of how I'd gotten them. =D). Burn marks from putting a tray of muffins in the oven. Nicks on my fingers while carving pommes cocotte. I take it all in.

And it's the same with Life. I live each moment, as it comes. I laugh heartily when I find something funny. I'll bawl my eyes out when I feel like crying. And I'd like to think, those that I love, I do so with all my heart (The line "When I fall in love, it will be completely~" comes to mind). And when I'm not so very fond of something, I'll say so, just like it is. Harsh sometimes, I know, but I'm thinking better to let it all out than stew about it (Get the pun? =D). That said, I don't hold grudges, and I can't say that I can REALLY hate anything with all my being, not totally. *winknudgewink*

There are times I wish I don't feel so much, that I don't open myself to all these sensations. Especially when I hurt. But sometimes that's just how Life teaches its lessons. You can't really know what a fire can do until you've been burnt. You're all the wiser because of these experiences. Just like it is in Cooking, you should wear these marks with pride, instead of trying to hide them in shame.

The way I live life, is the best way, for me. I know that life takes different paths for everyone else. A reason why I'm sharing all this with you, to show you how things are in my side of the kitchen, so to speak. A lot messy, not a complete set of utensils (but then again that makes me think of new ways to do things, let my creative side get to work. They're a bit lazy too!).

So, of Cooking and Life, you're always welcome in mine. (And here is where I flash my pearly whites, strike a pose, and you'll be so dazzled that you can't wait for my next posts!) =Þ

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Cherane said...


i show my 'scars' everytime and everybody says "ala...kecik je" and when i don't show them.."oh my god! what happened to you!"

What's up with that?