Monday, June 27, 2005

Jumble Me This, Jumble Me That

I've decided to write multiple topic post. One of those posts that aren't really going anywhere with anything, just a collection of thoughts I thought I'd share. (My diary's been upset with me. Ever since I started blogging, I haven't been to see her! I promise I will later today!)

Firstly, I went over to my sister's house late last night cause my niece, who stayed over, forgot some stuff, so we had to drive over there so she could get them. Anyhow, before starting my BnB (And staying here), I stayed with them, so I still have some clothes and whatnots left there. But most of all, books! So I grabbed a few, and now I have new ones (In a manner of speaking) to read. Right now I'm reading Ender's Shadow, a very good sci-fi read. Sci-Fi fans, if you haven't read the Ender series, you should. Authored by Orson Scott Card. He wrote a few other series but none as riveting as this.

Along the same lines, if you're interested in some more good reads, ALL the series by one Raymond E. Feist are a must, though these are within the fantasy genre. I wasn't exactly a fan of fantasy, but the first time I read one of his books (Talon of the Silver Hawk, Conclave of Shadows series), I was hooked. I ended up getting all his previous books, and I'm glad I did. =D

Okay, I had a weird dream last night. Weird in a sense cause I KNEW everybody who was in it, and the events that happened within the dream...well... let's just say it left me feeling... A bit confused. Details of the actual dream, I'll leave out of here, that's more suited to my entries in my diary. (Sorry folks!) This is because it pertains things of a personal nature (No, it wasn't an x-rated dream, people). I might tell some of you though~ You never know. Don't hold your breath though.

Oh hey. I just saw a book on my desk with a bookmark in it, and I remembered that I haven't finished reading it this time. *chuckles* I think I'll read it after Ender's Shadow. I'll lay off the romance novels for now (Cause I'm thinking they might have something to do with my dream...Hmm..*hinthint*).

I have some guests coming in today. They made a reservation for 2 rooms. I think it's 2 couples from KL, here on some business about Shaklee. You know, come to think of it, I'm surprised I haven't put up a post telling you about my BnB. I have to get my sister's digital camera (As I don't have one! It's the only thing on my wishlist for my birthday this year!), take pictures of the place and put it up here. You never know, you might be down in Sandakan one of these days, and need a place to say. I'll point you to my direction! *wink*

My grandmother isn't doing so good. My mother called us from the Philippines to tell us to read the Yasin for her. Apparently she's requested it of all her children and their's, for a safe journey. The doctors say she's fine, but what the mind says the body will obey. I ask all my Muslim brothers and sisters to pray for her as well. Further updates on my grandmother will be posted here, now and again.

*sigh* That's it for now I guess. I might just post another later today. *gathers everybody in a group hug*

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