Monday, November 08, 2010



Let us address the elephant in the room shall we?

My absence of close to 2 years.

I realised that towards the end of my last blogging period, there were a lot of gripes and complaints. It didn't feel good to come back and read all that negativity, and I didn't want to continue posting such bleak proses. So I thought a break was just what this place needed.

In my absence, a lot has happened. Let us not dwell.

Let us instead anticipate the future! Oh, and what there is to anticipate. :D

I've just started a new project.


My (not so) newfound love of sewing and jewelery/accessory-making gave me the idea that I should make money from it all. It seems that it isn't as easy as pie when you want to do it on a slightly larger scale than the making-1-selling-1-making-2-selling-2 template that I had used before I graduated. Lots of things to learn, but hey, at least I'm having fun in the process. :D

So watch this space for more details.


Mas Light said...

Can't wait! ;D

Anonymous said...

WEll its about time. my reader hasn't seen your action in awhile.