Monday, May 05, 2008

Calvin Likes Trees

And so do we. :)

For my part (though tiny, and not original) in trying to get everybody to Go Green, I'd like to use a few strips from my favorite comic duo, Calvin and Hobbes.

He's such a brat (I can relate to him that way), but he's so thoughtful sometimes. See, nobody is ever really bad, or really good. I believe everybody has bits of both in them. You just have to know when to let which one out to play. *wink*


Nick Phillips said...

I just love Calvin & Hobbes. I've read every single comic Bill Watterson has ever done unfortunately I don't own much of his Calvin & Hobbes comics though I have a complete CD version of it :D

That must explain why my youngest son punya perangai exactly the same as Calvin! LOL!

Rozella said...

So sad, but so true :( Me no likes living in a concrete jungle.

Anonymous said...

Good post.