Monday, February 18, 2008


That's what this blog has become the past couple of months. *sigh*

I'm so sorry. But I haven't had anything new to blog about. I'm not really doing anything much besides reading, watching cartoons, and going out.

So I suppose rather than keep everyone waiting, and keep coming here to see if there are any update, I'm telling you now, "Don't". There probably won't be any new posts for awhile. When you see me bloghopping to other pages, you'll know that I've already started blogging again.

I'll miss you guys!

I'll see you soon. :D


Mas Light said...

i is too *sigh T_T

Anonymous said...

hello haizum. i came across Peachey Lemon yesterday and am very impressed with you guys. would like to keep in touch. i've tried contacting kenny and hadibi but still waiting for a response. c ya! riki

CJane said...

Don't worry! It happened to me too! So it must be normal, eh? Normal bah kan? It must be normal. OMG tell me it's normal!!!