Monday, October 29, 2007

Looking For Art?

Feast your eyes!!!

In case you're wondering, these are all artwork by my brother Hadibi. He's a freelance artist (Bing, I'm sorry if this isn't what you call yourself. Call me, and I will modify this. =D), and you can check out his artwork by going to his homepage (these are his earlier works, he hasn't updated in a year -_-), his deviantART page, or his blog.

I'm not must of an artist, but I can say that I like the way he does his colours. =D I must say it's excellent. I'm not saying this cause I'm his sister. You can see for yourself.

So, if any of you are looking for an illustrator (maybe you're an independent musician, looking for an image for your album cover? =P) or whatever it is you call them, you can check out any of his pages, and I'm sure he's got contact information posted somewhere in there.

If you're not, but still appreciate pretty stuff, I suggest you check his pages out too. =D



Mas Light said...

hehehe acom kena bayar ka ni mempromote? XD kekeke kidding kidding...omg~punya ngantuk se..

i owez like to see the angel with wings XD kekekeke XD

Sir George said...

cool image.. salute you hadibi

Zainijimmy said...

huiyoo...very cun..ur bro very gifted one ah..i wish i can draw as good as he do :P

SheLa La La said...

hey its the color