Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm Back In The Game


The holiday did me good. Not that you can really all it a proper holiday, cause the only thing I stopped doing in those 2 weeks was blogging. But it saved me a little time for myself everyday. =D

I find myself even more swamped this semester than the semesters before. For someone who only has classes 3 days a week, my workload is... well... heavy. *sigh* Is this a sign that I should leave my Lazy cloak behind? But it's so comforting! *sob*

Maybe the reason I find myself so burdened is because I have finally resumed my social life. *chuckle* It's all good I guess, so I can learn to "manage" my time. The reason I put inverted commas there is because I'm not really sure what "managing" truly entails. =P And why is that? Apparently, it isn't in my vocabulary. *sigh* Well, I guess you never really graduate from the University of Life.

And I have finally succumbed to the peer pressure. I've been caught up in the Facebook craze. I "wall" my friends, I "poke" them, I feed their pets and I leave sticky notes on their page. Yes, I sold out. So what? =P I'm having fun. So if you happen to have a Facebook account, why not add me? =D (READ: Look for Haizum Hassan Alban.)

I almost roasted myself walking from the bus station back home today (I LOOK roasted *sigh*). So I'm tired, and I shall take a nap. Au revoir!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging!!!

I knew you were gonna miss us! :P

hwen said...

Welcome back Haizum!

Hmmm... Facebook? Maybe I should have an account, but I'm so malas to even access the main page to sign up...

Unknown said...

Hey there!!

Welcome back!! Yeah, i've pretty much deleted my friendster account. Now, I'm hooked on facebook too. I'll look for you later. My lumpy needs to be petted and fed too. Mind doing so??? hehehehehe..

Well, once again, welcome back!!

Mas Light said...

welcome back acom XD *hugs

Ratu Syura said...

WB dear!! I'm so into facebook at the 'mo too!! Pet my Mumbo, and gardenize my garden! LOL!!