Monday, July 16, 2007

Bedroom Musicians Series

I need a car.


Cause I need to be a gig frequenter.

(Deng, how goes the campaign? :P)

If any of you are enthusiasts of the local music industry, you would know Mia Palencia. Our very own, homegrown minstrel. *thumbs up*

I have to admit, I've been touched the wrong way by the Mawi's and Siti Nurhaliza's of the world (and of course, when I say "touch", I do NOT mean literally). They sort of turned me off to any music, Malaysian made (Hmm... how snotty that sounds. But you will see how graciously I admit that I'm wrong).

So, on Saturday night, my friends and I trotted over to Equatorial Hotel for the Bedroom Musician Series gig. There were 5 acts, our dear Mia included. I am telling you. They were all mind blowing.

The line up was made up of cool as cucumber Reza Salleh, the almost-Grey's-Anatomy-like-music from the Justin-Dom-Christine trio (this isn't their actual group name.... in fact.. I don't think they had one..), the teen-angst-revolution band Slunk, I-could-give-Alicia-Keys-a-run-for-her-money Najwa Mahiaddin, and I'm-Sting-tonight Mia.

Unfortunately, as I Googled these ever-so-talented human beings, I couldn't find the trio's site. (I should be absolved of all fault, because I DO NOT KNOW THEIR TRIO NAME). (Note to self: ASK MIA).

Get to know more about the people and their music :

Mia Palencia
Reza Salleh (I recommend that you listen to his live performance of For Her. *siiiigh* *swooon*)
Najwa Mahiaddin

I know. Now you're asking. "Where the heck are the pictures???". Well see.... I have a problem with my laptop. Let's just leave it at that. I promise promise that as soon as I get it fixed (Note to self : FIX LAPTOP ASAP), you'll have visual aids. :D

There's gonna be another one of the BSM gigs this Saturday, also in the Equatorial Hotel. the tickets are going for RM20 a piece. (Dare I sound corny? --->) Be there, or be Square! :P

And there it is, people. My new found faith in the Malaysian Music Industry.

*sigh* It sort of reminds me of high school when we used to perform with Mia all the time.



Anonymous said...

Ohh.. been having so much fun lately, eh? Glad you "recovered" from the PMS. Heeheehee..

Haizum said...

Cin: Oh you know how those are. Sekejap ada, sekejap tiada! :P

Anonymous said...

20 bucks? teda student rate ka? it shud be 5 bucks for students :)

Mas Light said...

*guilty. i'm anti msian singers for the same fact as urs *cough cough XD

only i would be attracted to a lot of indo songs which are indies like. and since u said grey's anatomy soundtrack like music? oh that is so me. coz those are mostly indies XD mas will likey XD

Twyla said...

go ah to sing song hahahaha!
so you can take pictures with ME!!!!

Haizum said...

Dedeng : Okay la tu 20 bucks.

Mas : I'm sure you'd like these. :D

Tweela : I hope we can get a car that night! If we can't then, we're not going! *sob* And yes, yes, we shall take pictures!