Sunday, June 24, 2007

What I Really Want

I've been trying to get myself red shoes since forever (alright, so it's only been a few months, but that's a very long time to wait for shoes!).

And at last, I've found a pair that are comfortable, affordable and they look great on my feet. I haven't gotten them yet, mind you, but still, I know where to go now.

But see, the thing is, when you're shopping, you tend to see MORE shoes that you want. *sigh* So the next target will be the purple flats I saw, right next to the red ones. :)

That said, the ultimate goal (at least for now), would be a peep-toe pump in stiletto stacked heels, of any colour. Shoe enthusiasts will definitely know what I'm talking about, but if you don't, it sorta looks like this.

And how about a bag to match along with it?

Ahhh... if only. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

See that's why I don't go shopping with my boyfriend. I'd come up with a plan to buy ONE particular thing but I'll end up having MORE! (So my bf tend to just give me the moolah and let me have all the time I want. Hahaha)

I guess we women have to keep a straight face and eye ONLY on a particular thing instead of wander.


I don't think that's easy to do, eh? Hahahahaha!

PS: Hey, love that stiletto! Very pretty!

Mas Light said...

not that i dun like shopping, my only problem is i'm too stingy hahahah XD

i shop wut need not wut i want sometimes. the thing i want would take me probably days to think XD so, if u seen my shoes, i got limited numbers of it. even bags XD

my bad.

shoes, doesn't quite look gewd on me. except sneakers XD weeeeeeee, i think la. coz my feet aren't as small as normal ladies XD

alya said...

love the shoe!!! stiletto!!!

waa... i never thought you'd be so girly??!! (i've never seen the real you act!)


Anonymous said...

my feet hurt if i wear heels for too long =(

but a girl's gotta do what a girls' gotta do right ?

Haizum said...

Cindy : Lucky you! I wish it was as easy for me to get what I want. *chuckle*

Mas: The size of your feet don't matter! Nowadays there are all sorts of shoes. You just have to figure out which style suits the shape of your feet best. :)

Alya : I have my moments. ;D

Elfie : I know what you mean!

hwen said...

Stylish choices! Haha, do you always like to match your shoes with your bag, and vice versa? I think it used to be a trend for women to do so back in the 60's. But retro is cool, and IN these days! It doesn't matter as I'm sure you can pull it off!

Cool header by the way! =)

Haizum said...

It depends actually. I usually do when I'm going out for something formal. Sometimes I don't match them at all. It's just an excuse to buy both items. :P

Anonymous said...

love the shoe! i got one exactly like that one in ferarri Red!

speaking about shoes, my favourite shoe of all time, my marks & spencer open toe shoe hancur! well not hancur la! the heel hancur! termasuk di lubang on the jalan raya when i was crossing the road to buy coffee early in the morning before going to work. its so depressing. *sobs*

next time aku pakai slipar jeepun la for work heh! GAHHHHH!