Friday, February 09, 2007

Would You Be My Valentine?

So here I am after a few days of rest. I still haven't righted my sleep time (as you can see if you see the time at the bottom of the post). It really sucks to have to be up when everyone else is asleep.

But even after complaining about having to spend so much time in a place that I don't feel much love for (read: COLLEGE) and even having to organize activites for it, I'm actually enjoying it. It sort of feels like high school, when any and all activities that we organized ware highlights of the year. I'm guessing my theory of getting involved in college activites (albeit being forced to in the first place) was right. =D At least now I don't mind being there aside of class hours.

On another page, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. It must be something in the air, but it actually DOES feel a little different around this time of year. Desperation escalates, the romance is thick enough to cut with a knife. *chuckles* People are emboldened to do and say things they normally wouldn't. I wonder why. Why does one have to have a dedicated day to express love? Shouldn't it be all the time that you feel you can say these things? Do people believe that professing love to another on a particular day strengthens the conviction? Does it make it more true? *shrugs*

Valentine's Day for me was always (and still is) a time to observe human behaviour. They act weirder than usual come the day. It's always fun. When I was younger I'd pick a spot somewhere and people watch. Men and women stand a little taller on V-Day, they're decked out a little more. It's amazing what you can pull off on Valentine's.

In a place like colleges, where pheromones are fairly bouncing off the walls on any given day anyway, Valentine's Day makes it so thick that you can barely move. Everybody's already marked their target, and hoping that they're marked too. I suspect I'll see a lot of extra hand holding after the 14th. 0_0

Too bad I still haven't gotten my camera. Imagine the lovey-dovey images that I would've gotten.


Anonymous said...

Valentine? a funny day.

anyway if u were here, buli ba kita makan popcorn tengok orang di sekeliling.. he he he.. mesti kelakar! hee..

oh sama bawa tissue in case kita dua sob our eyes out. but i doubt it. i prolly laugh at people being too mushy or something.. or the gaya of the desperate people or the ones in depression.. kih kih

lagi best if it was you, me & deng!


oh.. erm.. cancel the popcorn.. lets have shisha while we're at it!

Luv ya



Anonymous said...

I'm not really a fan of Val Day to be honest. I used to tell my friends too, "Why celebrate love on a particular day, when you can do it everyday?" Besides, on THIS particular day, everything risedup! The price of flowers, chocolates, dinner tables.. it's rediculous! ><

But anyway, have you found your Valentine yet? xP

Zainijimmy said...

who gonna be ur valentine? i'll be happy to volunteer myself if u dont hav any hehehe....

Mas Light said...

ahhhhhhh valentine's day..has and always be the same for me. it's juz like a normal day where i do the normal things. heheh..

anyways, *hug for u hehehehehe


Haizum said...

Paya: Hehe yeah. Remember we used to sit down in BK to watch all those people during Valentine's? HAehAHEHe. But yeah the shisha idea is really good. Dammit, I wish I had my own hookah.

Cindy: Yeah I agree with you. Love should be celebrated ALL the time, and not just during one particular day. And no. No Valentine for me. Too big a commitment. =S

Zaini: Hehe, sorrylah mate. I'll be too busy having fun to want to be tied to a Valentine. =p

Mas: *hug* Good on you! This Valentine's Day thing is seriously overrated.

I mean, did you know that Valentine's Day was originally the day that people celebrated the god who protected shepherds' flocks from wolves outside of Rome? How the heck did it get from THAT to love?

I bet most of these people who supposedly celebrate undying love on Valentine's Day don't really know what the day really means.

*shakes head*

Pity pity.

Salha said...

hey whats wrong with valentine?? i'd like to get a bunch of flower for a change... and a romantic candle lite dinner at some posh place :p
but i'll settle for shisha at the waterfront ;)

Salha said...

shisha is absolutely romantic... all those smoke and wangi2 is perfect!!!

Haizum said...

Deng: Yeah, good for ambience! hehe. But I think you'll concentrate more on your shisha than your date.

Chucky said...

Ya, get a camera and then go into sniper mode :D

People celebrating undying love, or izzit unDEAD love hahahaha!

Haizum said...

Chucky : I can't yet! Argh!