Wednesday, February 14, 2007

M&M Heaven

So, for a person who doesn't really buy into all this Valentine's Day melodrama, I had a pretty good day.

We organised a V-Day Carnival in college to help collect donations for the flood victims in Johor, in tandem with raising our own Youth Embassy fund. We had:

1) Guess the M&M's - Guess how many pieces of MnM's there are in the bottle and it'll ALL be yours!

2) Cupid's Darts - Aim for hearts with points, and one with the highest accumulated points gets a prize!

3) Sweet Sucka - Suck sweets in a basin with a straw and get try to get the out of the basin. Challenge 1: 8 sweets in 30 seconds. Challenge 2: 15 sweets in 60 seconds.

3) Love Notes - Get heart-shaped cards, write your Valentine's wishes and post them on a board for all to see!

4) Picture Perfect - Get a picture taken of you and your loved one and we'll snazz it up for you!

5) Love Potion - For 50cents a cup, our red-coloured concoction is a steal! (It's actually just rose cordial...)

We had a couple more, but no one went to those so I won't waste my time explaining them *chuckles*.

Anyhow, my booth, the Cupid's Darts, was by FAR the most successful. And I practically owed ALL my business to ONE couple. =D GOD bless boyfriends who have girlfriends who REALLY love Mashimaro plush toys (our grand prize for the dart game).

Anyhow, we were really evil and added a twist in our game. In each heart (the targets), we drew numbers to signify the points - the higher the points the smaller the heart - ranging from 0 - drawn on the biggest heart - to 20 - which was, ironically, also on the biggest heart. Hmm... How does that work? *chuckles* Here's the catch. We drew a BIG 0 in the center of the biggest heart and INSIDE that 0, we drew a minuscule target for the 20. Biggest reward/biggest risk kind of thing, you know? =D Amazingly enough, one friend got SO near that target that we were in awe.

See that part I circled? If you look closely you can see "20" written there.

My first moment of victory came when I took the 30-second challenge in the Sweet Sucka. I got 8 on the 4th try I think (tee hee!). My friend Sanjay had to burst my bubble by also getting 8 2 tries after me. So, the glove was thrown down. I had to take it. We had another bout to see who was the real professional "sucka" (please, no vulgar thoughts here). And I won. =D Here's what I got.

5CDs and 1 Pleomax (?).

My second came during our post mortem, when Shermaine said she'd announce who the winner was for the M&Ms guessing game. She first told us that the actual number was 600 pieces, and that there was a tie, 2 guesses came the closest. 599 and 601. As it happened, both guesses were mine (out of the 5 I made). Talk about luck. =D M&Ms, not Smarties, or Nips. M&Ms. Yum.

I even got a rose for Valentine's! Granted, Sanjay gave all of us girls in the Youth Embassy a flower (and all at once at that!) but still, a flower is a flower is a flower. =D

But the picture of the day has to be this next one. I don't know how my friend Manooj was throwing the dart, but somehow it pierced the CEMENT that was under our heartboard (heartboard, dartboard, kinda rhymes, geddit?).

So, on this day, I got bragging rights as being the best sucker. And I got a bottle full of M&Ms for only RM2.50. And I got a flower.

And now I'm tired.

All this bragging is hard work.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had so much fun. :)

I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day either.. don't really like it.. it's too commercialized already. :)

Mas Light said...

i get it u must be lucky on valentine's day wakakakkaak..
*lol on the last photo...omg..gila man...

Salha said...

i'd like to throw a dart on someone's heart ;) you know, just for fun *shrugs*

students in brussels were protesting against V-day. hehehe you shud be organizing something like that i think. V-day is overblown by major corporation like hallmark to make more $$ for themselves. they put so much pressure to be perfectly romantic that its suffocating.

Happy yesterday was Valentine's day!! :)

hwen said...

Hey Haizum!

Raising funds for flood victims on Valentine's day is so much better than sucuumbing to peer pressure (buying roses at cut-throat prices)! And the ideas are really creative. Heartboard eh? Never would thought of that myself...

If I'm involved in the carnical, I would like to handle the Picture Perfect booth, haha! Not that my photos are any good, just tangan gatal, haha...

Cheers, Hui Wen

Zainijimmy said...

haha..sound like fun-fair to me...but good tht u did won something thehe...and how tht friend of urs throw dart? haha...he got juling eyes kali ;P

Haizum said...

Cindy: Yeah, I agree with you. This year's was just particularly fun cause the whole bunch of us were having fun working together. =D

Mas: Yeah! Imagine man. RM2.50 to get a WHOLE jar of MnMs hehe. Bargain man.

Uncommonly U: You don't mean LITERALLY do you? 0_0 And yes, I do agree that a lot of the companies have been taking advantage of the whole world's obsession with being lovey-dovey on this particular day.

Hui Wen: Yeah, it was a lot of fun, and doubly so since it was for a good cause. And I wanted to be in charge of the picture booth too, at first, but I had this selfish notion of wanting to use my own camera (which I don't have yet) for the event. Alas...

Zaini: That was the idea! To make the whole thing as if it were a fun fair. And yes, it felt really good to be able to win, especially MnMs hehe. And aku nda tau la tu kawan aku tu, macam mana dia pigi baling tu dart. Heran kami semua macam mana buli terpacak di simen.