Monday, February 19, 2007

I Like I Like I Like

It's funny how good things come into your life, when and in the form you least expect. And how all at once, everything just falls in to place. Negatives just seem to bounce off just as soon as they hit. The world is a wonderful place to be. =)

It's a wonder what good shisha can do to one's perspectives!


After more than a month of going without, that first puff felt like heaven.

Armed with a glass of Coca Cola, great company and the ever-important Lemon Flavoured Shisha, I was well on my way to junkie paradise. *laughs*

But, I'll be honest. I think the long hiatus was just that - a little too long. So, being overambitious, I puffed my own shisha while 4 other people shared just one. Though it pains me to admit, I think the body was just a tad shocked at being bombarded.

It isn't common knowledge, but I have asthma. Not very bad, and it doesn't come around very often. In fact, before last night, the last time I had a bout was around 3 years ago. So imagine, my annoyance when I felt my breath not even coming close to hitting the "full" on my respiration-o-meter.

My hands were shivering, I was feeling all cold. At one point my friend noticed and held my hand, as he was trying not to panic. *laughs*

*sigh* What a bummer though. Out of consideration to myself, I decided I had to stop after 2 charcoal changes. CRAP. How embarrassing for someone who does 4 flavour changes in one night.

So, after one last puff, I resigned to the fact that I might have to ease into it a little gently. But only because I went for so long without. =D That won't be a problem when I get my own hookah. Shisha party every night, whether I have company or not. Of course, company is always welcome. =D

But, even the bout and tingles themselves were very cool. No regrets. *wink*

Note: Man, I DO sound like a junkie. 0_0


ArtisteInReflection said...

You are a Junkie! *doh*

you're family. Hee.

i wonder if mau pigi rehab ada family rate?


Anonymous said...

hmm... ummi has accepted the fact last nite i think. she served me tea in her arab tea set and made mint tea.. apparently its good with shisha.. it was weird but kinda cute hehe

Salha said...

life is wonderful even when the going gets tough. i think i've never been more alive than when my heart is broken *grins*

Zainijimmy said...

ah..shisa is tht addictive meh? macam rokok ka? huhuh...bahaya tue for asthmatic person woo :P not consider as junkie yet hehe..i can cure u..with bat stick muhaha

Haizum said...

artiste: Hehe, I sure hope they do mate!

Dedeng: Cool. So we can hang out in the gazebo!

uncommonlyu: You are a freak. 0_0

Zaini: It IS tabacco but without the nicotine and tar. I think. 0_o And you would cure my addiction, but you'd kill me in the process hehehe.

Salha said...

there is tabacco-less shisha. maybe we shud try it eh :)

Haizum said...

Uncommonly U: Yeah let's! I'm all for experimenting!