Monday, February 26, 2007


I. Am. Moving.


My friend and I found the perfect place for our Happening Place. (Yes, not Happy Place. Happening Place. Long story.)

I can already picture my own little shisha corner right there. Cushions everywhere. Candles. Dede's knick knacks. =D I like.

The room I'm planning to take is quite big. My friend took a picture of it while we were there but I shall not post it here since.. well.. let's just say you wouldn't appreciate it *chuckles*. Anyhow, for a non-master bedroom, it really is pretty spacious. Lots of space to stash my bags and books. Very nice. =) In fact, for the same price I was paying for my previous room in Puchong, I get an air-conditioner and A. Lot. More. Room.

The kitchen was pretty much the clincher for me. =) Cabinets in abundance. Roomy. A fridge. Oh I can already picture me and Dede cooking away. In fact, I can already see our housewarming party. *ahem*

We've got 3 weeks till Moving Day. I likes. But that means I need to pack. *cringe* I DON'TS like. *sigh* But what is it they say? Pain before pleasure? You need to crack a few eggs to make an omelette? So I shall persevere.

First, own apartment.
Second, own camera.
Third, own hookah!

Happening Place, here we come!


Zainijimmy said... some pic then ok..wanna comment alil bit muheheh

Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you on the new apartment. *teehee* Yea, I know the feeling of having a happening place. Big, spacey room, air-conditioned.. wah!

Happy packing and moving, Acom! ;)

Mas Light said...

woo finally found a place huh? kekekekek..yay! celebrate~~ *sings~ sot sudah...

yes acom needs a camera weeeeeeeeee

ArtisteInReflection said...

Cool! :)

hope u'll feel the same way about ur new apartment as i did with my old one in harty!

Bring on the Shisha Party and the Arabic Music!


Ivan said...

congrats on ur new place!! happy shishaing hahah

Haizum said...

Zaini: Kau memang sengaja ba kan suruh aku ambil gambar ni? Mentang-mentang dia ada 2 camera sama orang sini nda da...

Cindy: Err.. the hapy is right. But about packing and moving? *cringe* I don't think so *chuckles*. I have to lug my stuff down 5 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS.

Mas: *dances around with Mas* and yes I need a camera. We shall dance some more when I get one!

Artiste: Yeah. Me and Dede are gonna have fun! Come by and visit sometimes mate!

Ivan: Thank you! Shisha Partay here I coommme!!

Mas Light said...

i can help u kick zaini if u want? weeeeeeeeeeeee

*dance...all night long~