Monday, February 05, 2007

All At Once

I'm thinking that I'm nearing that time of the month.

These days I get ticked off easily. My emotions are all over the place. I'm liable to bite someone's head off when they annoy. That, and I crave junk food all day. *sigh*

I was just arguing with a really close friend. I feel sort of guilty, cause I guess I needled him. But I didn't like the way he was being so abrupt with me. He's like that. Abrupt one moment, cheerful the next. And the thing is, the more abrupt he is, the more I want to annoy him. So I guess we both were rubbed too raw tonight, and ended up saying clipped goodbyes, not with our usual I-love-you's and take-care's. That makes me feel even worse. *sigh*

It always hurts when this happens, because of the fact that we rarely argue. Add to that my moment-of-hormonal-imbalance, the hurt is a few-hundred-fold. *sigh*

But what can you do. These things happen.

I'm thinking sometime tomorrow, we'll both act as if nothing happened. Then one of us will break the dam and say sorry, and everything else will come out. I can't honestly say who it will be. But all will be settled.


Isn't it funny that you can't escape from hurt, wherever you go? Not even amongst those that you love.

So I guess the only difference between Hurts is intention.

Loved ones would never mean to hurt you. Even when they're blatantly causing it. *sigh* Could it be that Hurt exists for us to appreciate all the other good things in life?

Yeah, always a silver lining and all that.

But in the mean time, this is one word that sums up what I feel:


Mas Light said...

omg. i hope everything is ok. hehe my case normally i would be annoyed with ppl and i stop talking. hehe. once, i stop talking to my fren completely for a whole week but my mum and bro said i was wrong. and finally i apologize heheh.

Anonymous said...

maybe it's the hormone change that triggered those emotions in you. i kinda believe that actually... :P

normally during those time, i would cancel every appointment and switch off my cellphones just to prevent from venting my pointless anger on anyone. LOL

hope you feel much better. :)

Zainijimmy said...

who was the 'best friend' a guy or male? eh..female hehe...ya i knew how its feel...luckly 'we' dont have it coming hehe..but relax'll pass anyway :P

Haizum said...

Mas : Hehe yeah, everything is okay. We actually made up a little while after I posted the blog.

Cindy : I do, thanks. And I think that's actually a very good idea, turning off my phone. 0_0 I should do it. Or at least screen the calls that I want to take. =D

Zaini : The friend was a guy.

Thanks all, and I do feel a lot better now. PMSing sucks. But it's farnee sometimes hehe.

Mas Light said...

glad to hear that *cheer

hwen said...

Haizum, hope things will go well between you and your friend. Things like that always happened between me and my friends too, haha...

wmw said...

Hey there...thought I hopped over for a look.

Anyway, hurt exists 'cos we care for that person (who intentionally or unintentionally did/or didn't do something!). Maybe it's also expectations, so after a bout of hurt and tears, I've come not to expect too much so that I'll won't be hurt or disappointed. Then make a conscious effort to try and enjoy when ever you are with your loved ones even though they might have done something to piss you off. Ha ha ha....