Thursday, January 18, 2007


*clears throat*

I tend to be rude when I'm feeling unsettled.

And why do I feel so?

Today didn't start out very well.

I woke up with my back aching and stomach cramps. I'd just gotten my period. And what do I find out? I don't have any pads on-hand. So with some ingenious solution, I managed to get to a store without any sign that would announce to the whole world that it was "that time of the month". Not that I have any qualms about announcing that fact to the whole word, I'd just rather not tell them by aid of visuals, if you get my meaning.

Add onto that a sucky cab ride that made me feel like puking. In fact, my head is still throbbing. Which isn't a good thing. I do not need another part of my anatomy making me feel uncomfortable.

Geez, no wonder I'm depressed.

I wish I could say something profound. Maybe then I can fool myself into being cheerful. =D

Oddly enough, that tought did make me a little cheery.

It's not doing anything for my headache though.

I shall now bang my head on the nearest wall.

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