Thursday, July 06, 2006

On Kids and Whatnots

My friend and I came to realise something yesterday, as we were chatting the afternoon away.

We were born in the year 1984, and as we talked about our gripes and likes, and reminiscing about days gone by, we saw that most of us, well... are still kids. *chuckles*

No, not spoiled. We just like our fun.

We accept our responsibilities readily, though grudgingly.

The fact that we're so determined not to grow up is glaringly obvious when you compare us to those born in the year right after ours. 1985. (Of course you know, that 5 DOES come after 4).

They actively search for responsibility. And more importantly, they handle it quite well. They're more composed. They're not given to bursts of almost histerical laughter in the middle of a crowd. They're not nearly as easy to tempt with anything that screams (or even whispers, really) "FUN!".

We are, obviously, just the opposite.

I'm not saying this applies to ALL. Just that this is what we see of those who we hang out with. Then again, this may be the reason WHY we hang out with each other *chuckles*.

As my birthday approaches, telling me I'm another older, I'm really, really dreading it. Just a few days ago it was my good friend, Dede's birthday, and as we were singing and wishing her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" in Cha's very cute Kelisa, she seemed to take it all in quite calmly. I'm thinking she was probably thinking "DAMMIT, DO YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME?!" *chuckles* Ah well.

I guess I'll just have to take this in stride. The kid in me (Or the kid I AM) insists that I make this an adventure, seeing fun where others won't, complete with lollipop and colouring book in hand to record my journey.

I don't wanna grow up,
I wanna be a Toys R Us kid.


Mas Light said...

I notice most of the younger people this century are more matured than the old us which is young at heart. Well, as u said it's not applied to everyone, juz those who doesn't wanna grow up hee :D

ME TOO ME TOO! *runs around and slide

Anonymous said...

yeah i dont really wanna grow up either..
i swear some 16 year olds dress and act waayyyy older!