Sunday, February 05, 2006

In The Club

Hey folks! It's been nearly a month since my last update. As Nessa coins it, I pulled a "*twylabelle.blogspot*". *chuckles*

My classes have started, thought I am on a week-long holiday, what with Chinese New Year and Muharram just past. Today is my last day here in Kelana Jaya, at my brother Bibing's place. Tomorrow I'll be off again to Puchong.

It's been fun, meeting new people, from a lot of different places. But they make me miss the people that I DO know. Yes people, that would be you. =)

I've been doing a lot of clubbing lately. "Lately" meaning circa '05 til now. =D With my sister, cousins, friends. Everybody! And it's been fun. I just wish there is this one day where everybody (and I MEAN everybody!) is free and all of us can go to a club together. That would be mega fun. =D

This is Rini, me, Ita and Erfie in Cynna. Notice that I don't have any make-up on, except lip balm. 0_0 I've never gone out clubbing without make-up *chuckles*. Anyhow, notice too that I look a little high. I think it was from all that laughing and giggling, being excited cause it was the first time I've gone clubbing with these girls in KL. A fun time all around. Don't we all look pretty? =D

Usually I'll be lugging my make-up kit everywhere, but I figured I wouldn't be going anywhere this week so I left it (poor thing, it must be lonely) in my closet in Puchong. But never fear. It'll be bled for all it's worth if our excitement is any indication. =D

This is another one of us, outside of Cynna, on our way to Zouk. I hadn't seen Neyna in ages, so it was really a very fun night. All girls night out. =)

Funnily enough, we weren't even out that long. Only about 2 hours I think. But we had so much fun that it didn't feel like 2 hours. *chuckles* Kinda werid though, since usually when you're having fun, it seems as if time flies so fast. Sowhat does that mean, really? =)

I have to find a picture of all of us from highschool and compare it to the ones we have now, see the sifferences.

This one, also outside of Cynna, shows us with a new friend, Fatihah. I've found another clubbing buddy. =D

Here are some of my older clubbing pictures. They were too luscious not to show off. *wink*

This is me and Chica in Shenanigans, KK. This was mid-2005.

Also with Chica in Shenanigans, but this is a more recent picture. Sometime in december 2005 I think. If you've noticed, I do most of my clubbing with her.

This is me and my sister Dedeng at Cocoon, just before I left for KL. I miss her bunches. Any family resemblance? =)

So, there you go. Another of my favourtie pasttimes. It's a great way to bond with your friends, having fun, goofing off, prettying up. =D Not to mention a good workout. Lots of smiles all around.

If anybody's going out clubbing, call me up will you? *wink*


Anonymous said...

hey u

like finally! got new entry! he he


Twyla said...

ahha def pulled a twylabelle.blogspot on us! nice pics, now I feel like dancin`, boo hoo. completely unrelated: I bought a book and had dinner at Sushi King today. :D

Haizum said...

Hell yeah! We should all go dancing together. We bumped into Nita while we were in Cynna. =D

And *drools* to the book and Sushi King!

Twyla said...

Of course you bumped into Nita. I would be surprised if you didn't. *raises eyebrow*

Cherane said...

:D halo halo! we go clubbing one of these days huh? you can show the ropes or the scarves or the threads or whatever people calls it :P