Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back In The Day

So this was what my writing skills were like, way back then. I think It's a little rough. But I found it while I was riffling through my old notebooks, and there are a few more, but this was the only one I finished. So here we go.

She Is All You See

I sit on my bed
Thoughts of you, then
Floating though my head
Sometimes I wonder why I feel this way,
Then I realise it's like questioning,
The existence of night and day,
It just is,
It's just there,
No explanation,
No justification.

Happiness and pain,
Blurring into one another again,
The thought of your smile,
Brings a smile in turn to me,
Yet knowing you are with your own love,
Pulls me out of my reverie.

You've got her in your life,
She's all you need,
All you breath,
She is all you see,
I wish that it wasn't her but me,
In your arms,
While all your charms are for me,
But she is all you see.

*chuckles* Touchy-feely, I know. But one of the growing pains of adolesence. My first experience of unrequited love. It felt like it was of such magnitude then, but when I think about it, it tickles me. But there you go. You have to take in the good and the bad, and I believe in sharing both, but only to such an extent. So don't be nosy! =Þ

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