Tuesday, June 28, 2005

*yawn* All In A Day's Work

Alright, this isn't exactly a post. I went to bed at 2, but tossed and turned until about 4, when I actually fell asleep. And then woke up at 6.30. *rubs temples* And I have tons to do today, which means I'll have no time for naps *sobs* and will be up until around after midnight. I'll end up looking either like a zombie or a panda (I'm praying it'll be a panda. They're so much cuter~). *sigh* All In A Day's Work. =D

P/S: I just remembered, I brought four books from my sister's house the other day. And I'm almost done with all of them. *sigh* I only have one left to read~ Uhu~


Cherane said...

things to do at night when sleep is not coming:

1. wake ppl up
2. spam other ppl's blog
3. spam OWN blog
4. read
5. sleep or generally be bored

Cherane said...

i wonder if you ever tried reading books from the internet...
i think you'll find it interesting

Haizum said...

Are you kidding? I do nothing BUT read online. I read and read and read until I don't know where to go to read some more. I usually read to the point where you have to wait for the next for an installment. *chuckles* And reason's for not already doing the things you suggested :
1. I'm not evil enough to. If I had a boyfriend, I probably would though. hehe
2. There's only so much you can comment on another person's blog.
3. There's only so much you can say in your own~
4. I don't mind this. BUt my eyes get tired (Tired, mind you, not sleepy! I want sleepy!) so sometimes I can't comprehend what I'm reading hehe
5. That's the whole point. I CAN'T sleep!

Cherane said...

poor thing. Then there's no hope for you girl. Hopeless, totally hopeless.

Well, i would suggest drawing but that's probably not a good idea. How about listening to some sleepy music?

Take up night gardening? :D

Haizum said...

HAH! A green thumb, I do not have. and I'm scared the plants have spiders lurking around them somewehre. hehe
And yes, I am hopeless. I'll keep trying though.