Saturday, June 25, 2005

My New Place!

Hello everybody! Welcome to Scribbles 2, new home for my posts. I actually wanted to move here solely because it looks much more cheerful here. =D

If you'd like to see my previous posts, you can visit Acom's Scribbles (I'm too lazy to import all of them here).


Cherane said...

Welcome to the neighbourhood!

As always i'll be dropping by again..and again..and again *tee hee

Good luck on the new home ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi zum!
The moment u're reading my comment, i actually have gone through all ur blogs in friendster. Not that i haven't read them, but it's just too inspiring to just ignore ur thoughts.I've been thinking to write a comment for so long but huh..LAZY!Just keep up updating in your new home and good luck while u're doing so!I'm keen to read another post by u.Good job girl.