Sunday, June 26, 2005

Can't Sleep

Darn, I can't sleep. And there's no one around I can talk or chat to. It's always like this you know. You're always sleepy when there's someone you want to talk to, and you're wide awake when there isn't anybody there.

Like last night, I had a very nice chat with an old friend. I was so sleepy that sometimes I didn't know what I was saying to him. *chuckles* But I made it to the end of the converation, whch is a good thing cause I hadn't talked to him in awhile. It turned out to be a bad move since I had to wake up only 3 hours after ending the conversation. Had a splitting headache when I woke up. But all in the name of friendship. *winkwinknudgenudge*

And take tonight, for example. Here I am, ready, willing and NOT SLEEPY, yet, there's no one around. *chuckles* Ironic, no?

A good thing about sleeping late is that most of the radio stations play older songs, usually from around the 90s. I just heard song like Again by Janet Jackson, Kasih Berubah by Ferhad (Though this version is of course made sometime around 2001. It made me teary-eyed!) and Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell. Good stuff, all of 'em. Oh, One Sweet Day was just on. Man, that song is already 10 years old, and it still sounds as good today as it did when it first came out.

Anyway, It's already waaay past my bedtime. I should be sleeping, lest I get another headache. *muax everybody* See you again tomorrow folks~


Cherane said...

a secret
"i write better during the night"


Haizum said...

*laughs* I do. Then what after I'm done? 0_0 Maybe I can run around the house to tire myself. But then I'd prolly plop right there on the spot. =>

Cherane said...

wake up everybody who's sleeping soundly. better if they are at the other side of the planet.
after they wake up, i tell ya you'll sleep soundly. if not then you have a friend who's awake too ;)