Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shop is Launched!


My last post asked that you watch this space for news.

And here it is! The shop is all ready!

Our little online boutique is called Danau Designs, and we just launched it last weekend. It's tiring work, but fun.

At first, it was a little depressing to be shopping all the time but getting nothing for myself. But after awhile, I thought, "Shopping is shopping right?".

Right now the store has a small collection of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and accessories, but it'll grow once I make the time for hunting. I have to keep reminding myself that although I like fashion, my own personal style is not exactly mainstream, so just because I find something that I wouldn't wear/use, there a lot of people that might. So that few hours of hunting with my sister in Bandung was a good experience.

That said, I should introduce you to the stars of our store.

These are the Twist and Tie dresses. It's something that you can wear in a lot of different ways, depending on your mood or inspiration. Although we know quite a bit of ways to tie these babies up, we're pretty sure that there are some out there that we haven't figured out yet. And it's fun finding out. :D

What I've gathered from people who come to the store (yes, we're mainly an online store, but we do have a physical store for people to come in. I'll explain why in a bit) is that some people are a little bit intimidated by this garment. Maybe because they feel that having to think of how to style it a little bit of a hassle, as opposed to just putting on a shirt and walking out the door.

Here's what I say. It's no different than looking into your closet and trying to match pieces to make an outfit. :) With the Twist & Tie, it IS a wardrobe on its own. Looking at it is like looking at all the skirts, and tops and dresses that you own. So once shouldn't be intimidated. One should be psyched! Each time I look at my Twist & Ties, I wonder what new outfit I'll uncover. :D

So, with that, we've included How Tos to give you a general idea on how the Twist & Tie can be worked. They're really basic, these, and with a little creativity, you could end up with a totally different look - with only 1 extra knot put in the right place. :)

So, that's the big news. :) Quitting my job to do this full-time was a little scary, but I was at that point where if I didn't do it then, I'd have been stuck in a rut, not knowing when to let go. Growing up hurts. :P

But even though I'm liking it so much, there are good and bad days. Enjoying fashion does not equal fashionable, so my choices of pieces might make me seem like an idiot, but who cares. Someone out there must share my tastes. :P I just need to figure out how to reach out to them.

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